Your Child's First Dental Appointment

Pediatric dentists like Dr. Muhenad Samaan in Manchester, NH, go to dental school like other dentists -- they have also decided to specialize in cleanings and exams for youth. Check reviews on reputable rating sites, talk to friends, and verify the dentist's credentials. This is vital to making sure your child’s first visit is a fruitful one that results in a lifetime of great oral health.

Friendly compassionate care

A great pediatric dentist knows how to provide exceptional oral care and make your child feel comfortable while doing so. Your dentist should be patient and able to answer any question you or your child has about the procedure and exam.

Some questions to ask are:

  • Does it appear that this dentist and my child communicate well together?
  • What are my intuitive instincts about the environment?
  • What feelings does my child relay to me about their experience?
  • What kind of expectations do I have for my child’s first visit?
  • What does my child expect to happen during their first visit?
  • Does this practitioner accept my insurance? Why or why not?
  • Is your child’s dentist more comfortable working with adults than with children?
  • Are the staff well educated on the latest practices in dentistry and willing to share new information with younger clients?
  • Are staff members prompt when answering calls and emails?

Getting Off To A Good Start

Helping your child to start going to the dentist early in life and talking with your children about maintaining oral health creates a strong start for good habits now and in the future. It helps to talk with your youngsters about the risks of habits like smoking. Practices like that stain the teeth, disturb the gums, and ruin a smile right off the bat.

Your child can be your best ally when deciding what to do for the first appointment. Ask them how they feel and encourage them. Dr. Samaan is happy to answer any question your child may have about their dental procedure. To schedule a visit in Manchester, NH, contact us at (603) 624-4147 or (603) 669-6843.

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