Get a Whiter Smile With Teeth Whitening

Everyone enjoys a white smile and there are several ways you can whiten your teeth but if you want a bright smile that will last and won’t cause any side effects like oversensitive teeth, you need to choose professional dental whitening. Dr. Muhenad Samaan is a dentist at Manchester Dental in Manchester, NH. He offers in-chair dental whitening.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Better

Over time, many people begin to notice that the brightness of their smile is fading. It can be particularly noticeable if you are a regular wine or coffee drinker or if you smoke. Stains on the surface of the teeth can not always be removed with whitening toothpaste, and many people consider using a whitening kit. Although these are available to use at home, they are not as high quality as an in-office whitening system. Manchester dental patients find in-office teeth whitening better for the following reasons:

  • Better results: Professional whitening systems contain 15-43 percent bleaching agent, whereas at-home kits contain only 3-20 percent or peroxides.

  • Faster results: Because the professional peroxide solutions are stronger, they give you the results you want faster. Typically, you can get your teeth whitened up to eight shades.

  • Safer whitening: Because your dentist is trained in professional teeth whitening, he will use special guards to protect your gums and mouth tissue from harm, so your whitening treatment won’t leave you with hypersensitivity.

  • Lasting results: In-office whitening produces results that can last for up to twelve months. You can also have a top-up whitening procedure every six months or so.

If you live in Manchester, NH and you would like to get a whiter smile with teeth whitening, call Dr, Samaan at (603) 624-4147 or (603) 669-6843 to schedule an appointment. Dr. Samaan provides in-chair teeth whitening with lasting results.

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